Christine Holmes Holmes

LIHDC Professional Corp - Founder | CEO

Christine Holmes is an inspiring trailblazer who uses her platform and innovative modern day law firm,, to create systemic change in the legal industry for the benefit of both clients and lawyers.
As a single mother balancing a high-powered legal career and raising children, including a child with Down Syndrome, Christine understands the obstacles faced by women and underrepresented groups in the legal industry, such as a lack of opportunities, support, and flexibility. To end these limiting barriers, Christine founded to offer progressive top-level business-minded legal support to multinationals and SMEs worldwide.
Christine's unwavering integrity is evident in everything she does, from the way she leads her firm to the way she interacts with her clients and staff. She prioritizes community, equity, diversity, inclusivity, and well-being, and serves as a beacon of hope for those looking to make a positive change in the legal industry.

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