Dr. Parul Baranwal

Brunswick County Public Utility - Water Manager

Parul has been very professional, dependable, and responsible. She has an unwavering dedication to supporting the well-being of the community, no matter the task. At a local community college, she played a critical role in creating programs that enabled work-study students to participate in approved community service activities. She also served as the president of Toastmasters International at local community, increasing participation in communication-building activities and implementing a success plan for the club that ensured each officer had a schedule of action for their respective duties. She organized multiple club business meetings to address any outstanding issues and proposed innovative ideas to improve the club's social media presence and outreach. She participated in a speech competition twice and received five competitive scholarships at the national, state, and university levels. This award will inspire Parul to continue developing new ways to improve the targeting of disadvantaged neighborhoods and to improve the quality of the environment.

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