Joanne Hughes

Joanne Hughes Coaching - Founder/CEO

Joanne is a genuinely kind human being , who always strives to become her best self. Always learning and growing . By being her authentic self she allows others to do the same. She is an amazing mother, sister,friend,and daughter. Even in times when she has so little, she gives a lot . Whether that's time,love,money or advice. Etc. She continues to pursue her dreams even when others doubt her. She worked as a child and youth councilor in women's shelters for 20 years , volunteered with the RCMP as a victim services advocate to comfort those family's who have experienced traumatic loses. She is now a writer and lifestyle coach who has written Daniels choices a book about a 10 year old boy who contemplates suicide (A book for suicide awareness ), 50 things I've learned in 50 years ( A book which shares her knowledge, wisdom and lessons) and she was also featured in the best-selling Compliation Series Ignite Your Life For Conscious Leaders. Joanne Hughes is my mother and we've always been really close. The more I grow up the more I see her as who she is . An inspiration Women.

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