Kim Shore

Gymnasts for Change Canada - Co-Founder

As co-founder of the most influential social change organization in Canadian sport, Kim Shore has worked tirelessly to speak truth to power, bring national awareness to systemic child abuse and human rights violations, support a community of 600+ survivors, and is deeply committed to radically improving the delivery, governance, and culture of youth sport.
Recognized internationally, as a leader and change agent in Canadian sport, Kim’s courageous advocacy is predicated on preventing future abuse and bringing healing to past victims. Hundreds of scholars, athletes and youth serving organizations have since been inspired to form the Coalition Against Abuse, joining Gymnasts for Change Canada in calling on the Prime Minister of Canada to enact a national judicial inquiry.
Kim’s ability to see the light and strength in every person she meets is a tremendous gift. She inspires others to call deep on their moral courage and feel empowered to boldly speak up against injustices. Leading by example with integrity, compassion, kindness and authenticity has been key to her success as a game changer in Canadian sport.

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