Lisa Bagby

Providence ExpressCare - HR Manager /Leadership Coach

Dr Bagby is a woman with perseverance, empathy, and focus. She has supported and championed for herself and her daughter towards higher academic achievements. Lisa, after age 50, went to USC for her doctorate. She cheered on her daughter at the same time towards completing her MBA and who is now in Vet Med school. She has faced and overcome many barriers, that, in my belief have been due to others seeing her color first yet she remains steadfast. She mentors several women and leaders to pursue their goals and coaches them on their paths.
After her doctorate, she continually develops others to be great leaders and leverages her education to speak in academic settings and spread her knowledge about leadership advancement and the role of emotional intelligence. She has mentored others new to her organization, designed pilot programs that create inclusivity, and volunteers for affinity groups and her community.

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