Lisa S. Jones

EyeMail Inc. - Founder & Chief EyeMail Officer

Lisa S. Jones as Founder and CEO of EyeMail Inc., is a catalyst for digital disruption and a prolific innovator with multiple, patent-pending technologies in digital marketing communications. The nominee deserves to be recognized as she exemplifies and embodies the qualities of woman in tech thought leader that continues to pave the way to help and mentor women in business and diverse communities, to show all things are possible to achieve.
She deserves this recognition because she started her company, stayed focused on her dream, even in the face of extreme adversity and challenges as a diverse female founder. She leads with humility, kindness and tenacity, built a global team and able to build a partnership with Microsoft to support her technology roadmap. Several Fortune 500 brand partner with her company EyeMail to bring their email communications to life. She definitely is an inspiration and trailblazer deserving of this award.

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