Mariann Jordan

J & P Consulting Group - Joint Owner and Principal Consultant

Mariann Jordan has executive level expertise, experience and professional connections. I’d operated primarily as an entrepreneur in real estate and insurance for nearly 20 years. During the pandemic, I recognized the opportunity to shift my income generation risk by pivoting into an employment relationship with clients. Mariann had been championing the launch of her most recent business endeavor across multiple social media channels. What caught my attention was her passion for ensuring that equitable and sustainable funding for healthcare programming and resources for women and girls was present in underserved communities.
I’ve been a direct recipient of her impact on the subject demographic. In my pursuit to pivot into employment, I solicited her support. Mariann, without hesitation, sourced and secured a funding source that infused over $1,000,000 into a woman owned business. Then she fostered the recruitment and hiring of minority women, ensuring that we were all employed under a competitive wage for at least 3 years. During this time, I learned that Mariann was a trailblazer in guiding women professionals to achieving their c-suite objectives.

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