Mia Tretta

Trauma 2 Triumph - Founder

Mia Tretta is the definition of resilience and leadership. After being shot at her school in a school shooting and losing her best friend, Mia turned her pain into life saving purpose. Mia leads 2 gun violence prevention organizations as well as teaches life saving techniques to schools and community members, as the youngest STOP THE BLEED representative ever. Mia recently launched her own org to support other children who are victims of violent crime. Mia has worked on and passed numerous bills for community safety, is a part of the White House youth council and introduced President Joe Biden last year at the White House during his federal ghost gun regulation. Mia has spoken to thousands at events, encouraging them to keep going. She inspires, brings hope and change for a future free of gun violence...and she's just 18 years old.

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