Michelle Faber

Little Yogis Academy - CEO and Creator

I am thrilled to nominate Michelle Faber for an Inspiration Award in recognition of her outstanding work to inspire change within her community and the education system to help kids become more resilient through mindfulness and movement. Michelle is an incredible individual who has devoted her life to empowering and improving the lives of others, especially children. Her dedication and commitment to making the world a kinder place through early intervention is truly inspiring and deserving of recognition.
Michelle's passion for helping children cope with life's challenges through mindfulness and movement has been the driving force behind her work. She is a firm believer that if we arm our youngest learners with the tools to cope through life's challenges, we can greatly increase the happiness and overall wellbeing of our students. She is dedicated to making the tools of yoga and mindfulness accessible and available to all children, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

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