Mythili Banka

Ally Financial - Director - Data Management

Mythili Banka is a highly accomplished Director of Data Engineering known for her exceptional leadership and technical expertise. She has spearheaded successful projects that have generated significant revenue for her company, including the implementation of a cloud-based recommendation engine that uses AI and decisioning platforms, generating $21 million in payment collections. She also designed an automated marketing campaign executed daily on a customer base of 5 million, generating 30,000+ recommendations per day, providing resources to customers impacted by COVID-19, and also encouraging customers to sign up for autopay to not become delinquent. Mythili's transformation of a legacy order management system to a cloud-based business process management system has catered to more than 80,000 orders per day. Her commitment to mentoring team members and contributing to community causes showcases her leadership skills and dedication to building a better future for the next generation.

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