Patricia Phillips

PBA Group of Companies - Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Phillips has proven herself as a visionary leader with exceptional strategic direction, a steadfast commitment to mentoring and coaching her team and tremendous business acumen that is deliberate, methodical and results driven. Since taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer at PBA Group of Companies in 2005, Patricia has heavily influenced the company’s growth and diversification, and evolved its culture to become more inclusive, collaborative and purpose driven. Her contributions have positively impacted business processes, leading to greater efficiencies, cost reductions and profitable growth. What sets her apart from others is her values-driven approach to business and her passion for elevating community and forming mutually beneficial relationships. Patricia has cemented herself as a credible and empathetic CEO who is best known for her big-picture thinking, her community-focus, human-centric leadership and her unwavering commitment to empowering and advancing women in the Canadian real estate industry.

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