Robyn Orsini

Lunas Consulting - Founder & CEO

Since July of 2020, Robyn scaled Lunas to over 1 million ARR in their first year of business and grew her team by over 10 times since launching, with now over 40 highly skilled and talented professionals. This is proof of her inspiring leadership and the environment she cultivated within the company. Lunas was founded on four core values; taking care of each other, trusting one another, facing difficult facts and dealing with them together, and continuing to learn every day to be the best in everything they do.
Lunas takes pride in their team for their skills, the 100% female leadership team, and diversity. Alongside Robyn are 4 other incredibly inspiring women who make up the leadership team. Lunas is proudly female-founded and takes pride in its highly-skilled team members comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Lunas has one of the industry's most diverse and inclusive cultures, as Robyn is keen on hiring people from all over the world.

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