Saniya Kaushal

you are not ugly foundation - Founder

Saniya strives to raise awareness about name-calling, bullying, self-image, imposter syndrome, and mental health. She founded her non-profit organization- ‘you are not ugly foundation’ to empower individuals experiencing negative social labels. It is a platform where everyone can contribute to and inspire one another with their personal experiences. In addition, she has hosted awareness campaigns on mens’ mental health and self-image and offered scholarships to youth who actively empower others. She has run ‘my younger self would be proud’ series to share stories of resilience and encourage others to overcome their insecurities. In addition, Saniya has released self-love poetry books ‘you are not ugly’ and ‘you are so worthy’ based on her own experiences with bullying, self-image, and imposter syndrome. She believes there is great power in vulnerability, and wants to help others love themselves more, so that they can excel. Saniya is in her third year of medical school.

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