Sowmya Rajasekaran

Founder & Moderator, #BuildUpWomen Series/#BuildUp Series

Sowmya is passionate for her community and the dedication she has for her work in highlighting important issues affecting women and marginalized communities. Her work on the #BuildUp and #BuildUpWomen series through the last three years of COVID-19 have highlighted existing inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. She’s shone a light on advocates, experts, individuals with lived experiences, and organizations focusing their work on social issues affecting women and marginalized groups including access to equitable employment and pay, rural supports, and mental health support. Her capacity to care about others as she works to address social inequalities is something I’m proud to witness, and her kindness and ability to show compassion for others and their needs is why Sowmya’s good at her advocacy work and care of community, and why I'm proud to nominate her for this award.

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