Tammy Wahl

Denim Is The New Black - Principal/Founder

-Tammy has created one of the only fashion blogs for women over 40. She discovered this gap in the fashion industry when she was seeking this input, and wasn't finding it anywhere. Tammy had homeschooled both her children for years (until they entered high school), and after ignoring her own needs, she decided she wanted something for herself and women in her peer group.
-With Tammy's creative writing background and over 15 years of professional photography experience, she knew something could be done, and bootstrapped this business into the thriving blog that it is today.
-Her trail-blazing efforts have literally changed the lives of thousands of women over 40, nationally and internationally. She has taught them how even after motherhood, long careers, etc. that they can still be beautiful, dress chic or sexy, and be the woman that they want to be
-Tammy's blog went from zero dollars per year, to now almost cresting a half a million per year in sales revenue and rapidly growing
-Tammy's influence grew beyond the blog, as she was invited to be a strategy team member for the 2022 San Diego Women's Week. She helped plan and shape that conference to be one of the best Women's Week the North San Diego Business Chamber has ever seen in it's existence.
-Tammy has recently been nominated, and is now a finalist for the North San Diego Business Chamber's 2022 Leadership Award.
-Tammy was a recent honoree in the San Diego Business Journal as one of the Top 50 over 50 most influential women in southern California
-Tammy is also a skin cancer survivor, and is using this experience and her influence to help all women (and men) do regular skin cancer checks. She has been told that her authentic articles have literally saved lives.
-Tammy is a rising start as a woman over 50, and you will see a lot more of her in the years to come.

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