Terri-Lynn Duque

Ignite Energy Solutions - Founder and Principle

I am thrilled to nominate Terri-Lynn Duque, for the Women of Inspiration Award. She has been an extraordinary inspiration and an invaluable guide in my personal and professional journey.
Terri-Lynn is an electricity leader who is leading the way through courage and vulnerability at a time when bold and courageous leaders are needed to lead us through the energy transition. She is an epitome of resilience and grace, overcoming numerous challenges with unwavering determination. She has not only lifted my spirits but also that of many others around her. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless efforts have inspired me to push beyond my limits and strive for greatness.
As a leader, Terri-Lynn has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, empowering me to grow both personally and professionally. She has provided me with valuable insights and guidance, helping me navigate through challenging situations and build a successful career. Terri-Lynn inspires many others in the electricity system through her work and platform. She is leading the largest coalition of electricity leaders through Alberta's Electricity Future.

I strongly believe that Terri-Lynn deserves to be recognized for her accomplishments, dedication, and contribution to the workplace. This nomination will validate her hard work and affirm that she is on the right path. I hope that this recognition will elevate her leadership confidence and visibility and open up new opportunities to further her career.
I am grateful to have Terri-Lynn as my mentor, and I believe that she truly deserves the Women of Inspiration Award.

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