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Stephanie Hoeppner

Ms. Stephanie Hoeppner has worked for over 23 years in the environmental laboratory and environmental consulting field. Currently she holds a BSc in the Earth Sciences, an MBA, and is finishing her PhD in Medical Public Health - Epidemiology with an emphasis on environmental determinants of chronic disease. She currently is running a specialty laboratory focusing on human metabolomics, nutritional markers and persistent organic pollutants, environmental forensics, specialty ecotoxicological assessments and routine environmental samples in a joint venture partnership between Life Science Forensics and Paracel Laboratories, located in Calgary, Alberta. This venture marries together the fields of toxicology, environmental medicine and environmental reclamation. She is a vociferous advocate of the Canadian Public Health system and for the special needs community of parents and children, especially those with Autism. As an ASD Mom herself, she is passionate about being a Scientist Mom who can help other moms navigate the quagmire of misinformation and pseudoscience that exists. Additionally, she is working on clinical trials for both ASD and MS. The ultimate goal is creating a diagnostic tool that can help these children reach optimal health by addressing their medical comorbidities, and for MS, to create a diagnostic tool that can help confirm MS diagnoses following MRIs

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