Corporate Membership


Starting at $ 5000 > 10 employees

Our Corporate Members are like-minded organizations committed to moving the needles for equality and visible leaders who SupportHER™ locally, nationally and globally.

Diversity and Inclusiveness is not only good for the bottom line of your business, but it also’s critical to attract top talent, retain key leaders, create well-rounded teams at all levels, advance women in leadership within your organization. We work with organizations committed to advancing women in business and recognized a Leader in Diversity.

Our Corporate Membership:

  • 15 % off Premium Memberships for your employees (additional Members may be added at any time)
  • Access to Monthly Online Success Calls
  • Contribute to our Monthly BLOG and be a visible champion for women.
  • 15% discount Individual Member Spotlights (Celebrate your corporate milestones and recognize your leaders with a Member Spotlight on our multimedia platform).
  • Provide your employees the opportunity to grow their network and circle of influence with likeminded women and men nationally and globally.
  • Rewards and Recognition – Nominate a leader for Women of Inspiration within your organization who leads by example. Take advantage of positioning your leaders alongside the influential leaders, visionaries, change-makers and role models for change. Empower your leaders to use their voice and stand together with like-minded organizations making an impact locally, nationally and globally.
  • By nominating a leader, you are honouring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work and her contribution to the workplace.
  • SupportHER™ Logo and be recognized as publically as a  SupportHER™ and champion for women in business.

SupportHER Progam™

We work with like-minded organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible Leader of Gender Equality and foster a culture of diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the organization. Contact us to support your existing initiatives, let us supplement your existing program, Initiative to your Conference, Retreat, Seminar, Event, book our founder to speak at your next event or let us organize a SupportHER Roundtable™  with like-minded Diversity Leaders.

CONTACT US to discuss your organization’s Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness goals to advance women in business.





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