Student Membership

$25.00 / month

We believe in investing in our youth!  We provide the opportunity for students to start building their network, connect with business leaders and participate in Monthly Online Group Mentorship Calls in a supportive network to gain confidence, and learn from leaders from diverse backgrounds.

A challenge for schools and corporations is how to generate and increase membership and authentic relationships that continues to grow into the business world. Universal Womens Network has the utmost confidence students will be in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. We strive for excellence through multiple platforms and channels, bringing a heightened and proud sense of membership within the organization, which connects you to all members.

*Valid Student ID number must be presented.

Student members:

  • Know the importance of getting a leg up on the competition.
  • Want to spend their free time doing meaningful things and connecting with people that can change their lives.
  • Want to prepare for the future.
  • Encouraged to volunteer to strengthen their resume, gain valuable experience and build relationships in the process.