Dee Burrowes

Dee Burrowes Transformational Life Coaching - Mindset Strategist/Mental Health Coach/Professor

I am more than happy to nominate Dee Burrowes for the Women of Inspiration™ Awards. I have known Dee for years and have always found her extremely dependable, efficient and unfailingly well timed. In fact, I have never found a person who gives as much as she does within her coaching practice. Her willingness in personal development and mental health focuses on emotional, mental, physical and social wellbeing which has repeatedly made an impression over time.

She exudes a warm, cheerful attitude to clients and her skills do not end with them and in the corporate sphere. I have seen her transformed lives and impacts others globally with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She volunteers globally and sits on school boards, advisory committees and foundations that are dear to her heart. She loves people, works hard and does all she can to lift the spirits of those around her.