Adrienne Harris

Portage Sales - Chief Operating Officer

An incredibly busy business owner and single mother, Adrienne always makes time to support and mentor young people and those who are starting out or transitioning in their careers. She gives her time freely, sharing her knowledge and leveraging her network to help others. Adrienne inspires everyone who meets her, having grown her career while raising her kids on her own since they were 2 and 4. They’re now successful university students; in nursing and business. She left corporate and joined Portage Sales as a Partner just before the pandemic. Due to her determination, Portage has grown significantly and is known as an incredibly supportive and inclusive hybrid work environment. Adrienne is also Co-President of Ellevate Toronto, a global women’s network committed to fostering and promoting gender equality in the workplace. Adrienne’s passion and commitment to others inspire the next generation to make a difference in their workplace and community.