Alisha Damani

Dr Alisha Damani (personal brand)/The Medic Today/The Drip Stop - Medical Doctor, Wellness Entrepreneur, High Performance Coach, Founder and Podcast Host

She is the greatest blessing the world can have and she won't stop serving - no matter what. Deeply passionate about living lives that is the fullest, most authentic expression of who we are as human beings, Alisha is committed to helping us rediscover our inner light, design a life that we’re proud of and live a career of ultimate freedom and purpose. As a Medical Doctor, High Performance Coach, Wellbeing Entrepreneur and International Speaker, she has gone from breakdown to breakthrough and understands exactly what it takes to recreate our identity, step into our greatness and serve at our highest level – both personally and professionally. She has recently been awarded Inspirational Woman of Portsmouth 2022, has spoken on global platforms regarding career identity, workplace wellbeing and health for high performance, and is going to be speaking at TEDx University of Salford in June 2022! She is the host of The Medic Today Podcast where she is inspiring medical doctors to empower their own identity, their well-being, and serve from their deepest level of authentic expression. She's making our humanity a happier place and leaves every human she meets, elevated.