Allysha Nichole Nolasco

Youth Empowerment and Skills Centre - Member/advocate

Allysha or "Ally" as the community would call her is a very passionate person. She has a big heart and would definitely find ways and means to be able to extend help to those who are in need. She juggles her time with studies, volunteer work, joining pageants for charity, and honing her hobbies like singing, acting and playing piano. She is also a great influence to her friends and their families and to the community that she is able to wield them to support and join her cause. Ally is an agent of change in her small ways. By being an advocate of YES centre, Ally is able to inspire, and be the role model for other kids to give to the less fortunate by collecting used bicycles and giving it to those who cannot afford one; at the same time she gives hope to everyone that there is kindness in the community; that there is a place they can go to when help is needed especially during the height of the pandemic where most families were struggling to provide for their kids' needs. Together with the YES centre, she came out to give brown bags (meals), school supplies and groceries to families who barely made it through each day. Ally is a youth whom one can look up to. Her age did not serve as a hindrance from doing great things not only for herself and her family but for the community as well. Ally found her passion in helping (those who are in need) fulfilled in the YES centre. A true advocate. A kind soul worth emulating.