Angele Miller

Creekside RnR - Co-Founder and Owner

From the start, Angele dreamt beyond see past the borders of the small town Cocagne where she grew up. Angele pursued studies in natural medicine and her first business came to fruition at the age of 20 when she opened a health food store. Within only a few years she helped educate and pioneer the movement of organic eating and natural healing in the region of Moncton New Brunswick.
With limitless enthusiasm and a never-give-up-attitude, she became a top brand agent representing over 100 brands in the natural product industry. Not long after, she jump-started her own natural products brokerage, and with her knowledge of how to grow brands in North America, created and developed an array of her own brands and companies, that included everything from natural organic smoothing hair products to home DIY kombucha kits.
Her brokerage, Abundant by Design, is one of the most sought after companies in Canada and has been featured in magazines as well as at the Oscars and Emmy Awards.
Angele lives her life with an attitude of abundance which she loves to share with guests at her family-run resort, Creekside RnR. Creekside RnR has already been nominated for a few awards with Tourism sector in NB and is the highest rated and ranked glamping resort in the province of NB. Along with her husband Dan and daughter Anabelle, Angele creates immersive experiences for visitors in the community her family has called home for more than sixty years.

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