Annu Pandey

Family Dysfunction and Mental Health - Author and Blogger

Narcissistic behavior and narcissistic abuse are as mysterious as anything could be. People with narcissistic traits or narcissistic personality disorder have a sharp slip in their personality that they possess at home and outside because of which it becomes next to impossible for the victims(who are most near and dear ones like spouse and(or) children) to prove the abuse to an outsider. Even the therapists, counselors, lawyers, and judges fall for the "charm" of the narcissists and invalidate the sufferings of victims in ignorance. Not only this, the narcissistic abusers use psychological manipulation in the form of gaslighting tactics, love bombing, devaluing and discarding, and keeping their victim in confusion about the happening of "abuse" in the relationship. My book "Understanding Narcissistic Abuse - intimate relationships" describes all the subtle and gross forms of abuse tactics narcissists use o their loved ones. This book will help victims verbalize their experiences and feelings. The book also states the general behavior of manipulative people and how one can establish healthy boundaries with them. There are chapters on toxic parents, siblings, friends, and so on. This book will help abuse victims in gaining clarity of thoughts. There is a chapter on stress management techniques and the bill of rights for abused ones. This is the ONLY book that gives survival tips for those victims who cannot escape the abuser and do not have much social support. The relationship between "mental health" and "family dysfunction" has also been explained in it . This is an excellent survival guide for anyone suffering not just in intimate but in any kind of abusive relationship. Abuse has no gender but women are more prone to it according to various researches, so the book has been written keeping women victims in mind. Please help me promote this book for creating awareness about the prevalence of Narcissism and narcissistic abuse.