Bala Sahitya Vadlamani

Meta (Formerly Facebook) Ex - Amazon and Morgan Stanley - Product Leader

Bala is an inspirational leader who has scaled great heights at such a young age despite enduring insurmountable adversities in her personal life. She is currently a product leader at Meta; she collaborates with stakeholders across the company to make communication private and safe for billions of people around the world. Prior to her current role, she launched delightful experiences for millions of customers and sellers at Amazon, and financial advisors at Morgan Stanley.

Having experienced firsthand the economic and societal challenges girls from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds face, Bala is committed to improving access to education and opportunity for such children through mentoring and coaching. She exemplifies grit and resilience as a survivor of sexual assault; determined to transform her grief and trauma into positively impacting billions of lives. She is also a firm advocate for important issues such as mental health and well-being, DE&I, and animal rights.