Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt Cathy's Crawly Composters Worm Advocate Photo attached - Owner, trainer, international speaker, composter supreme and worm advocate

Cathy Nesbitt is stupendous and deserves being recognised not only in Canada, but world wide. I would like to nominate Cathy Nesbitt for Advocate & Catalyst for Change. I have know Cathy for about 12 years. She is one of the most compassionate and planetary nurturing people I have ever met. She ranks up there with David Suzuki to me. Most recently, I watched her brilliantly pivot to do a complete 360 when supplies for her renown composting business dried up. She immediately threw herself into another much needed sector - she embraced the health care sector; both physical, mental and emotional health and became not only a leader and advocate of promoting and facilitating Laughter Yoga classes. She took off as a trainer. Cathy went after helping those most vulnerable to tackle the respiratory system hit hardest by COVID. She is the most generous warm hearted caring global leader, advocate and catalyst for change you'll ever want to meet. She has dedicated her life to stewarding the planet and it shows in everything she does. . Cathy has taught how to take care of our earth all over the world and is a sought after inspirational speaker. Cathy's Crawly Composters, Cathy’s Sprouters, Cathy’s Laughter Yoga, Organo Gold - FYI - Multi-award-winning entrepreneur!!!