Chantal Brine

EnPoint - CEO

Chantal is a builder- of people and businesses. Her interest in the psychology behind human interaction brought her to Saint Mary’s University from Bermuda, where she focused on Psychology, Business, and Human Resources. Following university, she made Nova Scotia home and began supporting leaders in the private and public sector as a Consultant. This led to her role with Unique Solutions Design Ltd., where she led the development and execution of their human capital strategy for four years as the company tripled in size. After reconnecting with her own passion of helping others find careers that they love, she started EnPoint, where she focuses on helping thousands of people do just that through mentorship
Chantal is a believer in experiential learning and an advocate for women. As a TedX and sought-after speaker, she talks about these things often. Chantal volunteers with a number of initiatives: Unity, a national charity that uses hiphop to help youth build resilience, Women in Communications and Technology Atlantic, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce WorkForce Taskforce, and Techsploration. She is a mentor with the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub, judge with Ryzhe Ventures, and member of many women in tech, startup, and ‘future of work’ peer groups.

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