Cherylanne Skolnicki

Brilliant Balance - Founder and CEO

Cherylanne is an authority on well being, work-life balance, and human potential. As the founder and CEO of Brilliant Balance, Cherylanne expertly guides working moms and equips her clients to get the most out of work and life through a popular podcast, content, coaching, and a tightly knit community.

Cherylanne’s most exclusive program for her most ambitious members is filled with women who are taking this world by storm. Women with BIG dreams who want to make those big dreams a reality. Here is just one testimonial: “I was struggling to bid five-figure jobs - it was very uncomfortable. After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects. I'm forecasting beyond a year, and it's so much less stressful.”

Cherylanne is BEYOND deserving of the SupportHER Award. Thousands of women come to her for a sense of belonging, connectedness, and to restore their sense of self.