Crishemma Livingston

Burns & McDonnell - Assistant Application Specialist

A woman with a military background, rising to the a commander position in the army reserves is not easy task. Crishemma Livingston has done just that. She has lead by example, demonstrating the abilities and skillsets that women portray. She has also done this as a single mother. Crishemma also works in corporate America as an assistant application specialist. Juggling these aspects of life put her in a position to be innovative. She has to be able to create plans and solutions to not only balance her military life but her corporate life, life as a mother. Because of her military ranking, Crishemma is constantly put in positions to make sure those under her leadership are trained as well as safe. In her corporate life, she interacts often with clients, thus creating ways to deliver information effectively. As a single mother, she constantly has to navigate to make sure her child is receiving the best life has to offer. For this, I nominate Crishemma Livingston for the Innovation Award.