Danielle McCarron

Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres CATC - Vice President of Inpatient and Virtual Programs

Danielle is a passionate leader striving to help others heal from addiction while shifting the stigma and systemic issues that perpetuate the problem. After finding sobriety in 2014, Danielle committed that she would help others on their journey to recovery, with the hope that nobody feels alone in their struggle. She believes that a disconnect from our authentic selves keeps us stuck in cycles of addictive behavior and strives to help others rediscover who they truly are. Danielle is a best-selling author, therapist, coach, and holds both MBA and MSc degrees. She is currently a PhD Candidate, studying Mind-Body Medicine with a specialization in mindful leadership in healthcare. Danielle leads addiction treatment centres in Ontario, as the Vice-President of Inpatient and Virtual Programs at Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres. She has spoken at several conferences, lead retreats and workshops on mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and authentic leadership, and strongly believes in the importance of helping other women rise.

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