Dawn Newton

Netki, Inc. - COO/Founder

Back in the late 90's Dawn was industry hire #2 at NetZero. Dawn believed that the internet should be free for every American, enabling them to have equal and equitable access to information. NetZero took on industry giants like AOL and Microsoft and succeeded, procuring free internet access coast to coast. NetZero changed the world for the better.
Fast forward to today and Dawn's vision remains laser focused around equity, except her focus is now financial inclusion. Dawn believes that anyone with internet access should be able to participate in our global financial system. Recently, the company she founded, Netki, was able to create financial inclusion for over 4 million citizens in my country of El Salvador! Over 80% of them had never had a bank account and for the first time in their lives they had a balance of funds in an account that could transact worldwide. It's estimated that our citizens will save close to half a billion dollars a year in high cost remittance fees.