Derby Chukwudi

Investment Strategist - JP Morgan

Derby is a woman of substance and virtue. Being someone with a kind heart, I have watched Derby show up for me and countless other people to help and support in times when we needed help the most.

With her opportunities and privileges, Derby has committed her time to give back to young girls, especially by ensuring that they have access to quality mentorship and education. I was inspired as I watched her provide fully-funded education and support to a girl child in the Ota community of Nigeria (a low-income community). Without Derby, this girl would never have had the opportunity to access quality education, and it is inspiring to see how committed Derby is to the growth and success of this girl.

In addition to this, Derby has also contributed to a girl's mentorship program where she mentored 50 young women on the importance of their mindset and habits, and also on financial education.

Every day, I see how Derby portrays grit and commitment to her work and endeavours and it is so inspiring to see. This is why I am nominating Derby because I strongly believe that she deserves this award as her lifestyle consistently exemplifies true heart and head leadership and a deep sense of commitment to the betterment of humanity.