Emily Han

Make A Statement - InnovatorFounder

Emily Han is extremely dedicated and has done so much so quickly as a Youth. Proving this statement is she has won awards at Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford, etc, held protests for anti- AAPI hate crime, and currently raising $100,000 to provide low-income Asian immigrants free legal services.
She's also the founder of a nonprofit that educated 800+ students from 25+ states featured on Forbes and local newspapers, and Spoke at 25+ organizations/conferences related to public speaking
Been a graphic designer and business marketer that raised $45,000+ for school clubs and helped various organizations, nonprofits, congressional, and campaigns
As an innovator: currently learning and developing blockchain technology leading her towards decentralized voting apps, Exploring the intersection of tech and business on a membership with Wharton M&T summer program, worked as a student interviewer at MIT LaunchX, and founded a business through LaunchX that helps to connect immigrants with lawyers.
Lastly, she is the Founder of Make A Statement, their Goal? Increase the accessibility of public speaking education for international students and youth.

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