Emprezz Golding

Nation Wide Radio - Board Director, Radio & TV personality, Media Executive Producer, Youth Advocate, International Facilitator and Host- Every Woman, Nation Wide Radio

I would like to nominate Ms. Emprezz Golding for the 2022 Women Of Inspiration Award.
Mrs. Golding is a Multipotentialite Board Director, Radio & TV personality Media Executive Producer, CEO, Youth Advocate, an International Facilitator, Host- Every Woman, a mother of two young children and the daughter-in-law of the former Jamaican politician who served as eighth Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Bruce Golding.

By connecting with both the heart and the mind of her audience, Emprezz is able to connect with the hopes, dreams, and ideas of young people. Having worked in the media and television industry for more than 12 years, both locally and abroad, Emprezz is an experienced and confident professional.

With a combination of performance talents and a passion for helping others, Emprezz has grown and evolved both personally and professionally over the years. With her social media influence, youth advocacy work, media personality, broadcasting career, and television executive experience, she has gained a vast following among sponsors, corporate clients, advocacy groups, and non-profits.