Haleema Zia

Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research, USA - Cybersecurity Researcher

Miss Haleema Zia has enrolled in Digital Skills for work and Life course by Accenture. She has also completed several other courses from International Universities. She has published several articles on cyber security and Information Technology in last 6 months. She is working as an independent researcher as well in the field of cyber security and counter terrorism. She is working as a Cyber Security Researcher at Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research.
She works on research papers and articles. She has got several articles published by Cyber Insights Magazine, Eurasia Review, Strafasia and Global Village Space. She has also recently completed Research paper titled "The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: Implications of Cyber Security and Hybrid Warfare", which has been published by Pakistan Journal of Terrorism Research. She is hardworker and passionate about her career in the security & technology field. She has worked as a volunteer researcher with several organizations.
She is also providing her skills free of cost to well reputed organizations. She is writing awareness articles for guidance of the public and to spread awareness regarding hybrid warfare and cyber security. She is very helpful and is also supervising students in this field on volunteer basis to conduct quality research and contribute in this industry. She is dedicated and spends several hours per week on her articles and volunteer work in this field.
My nominee Miss Haleema Zia has served in Counter Terrorism field (technical side) for 4 years and she kept on contributing towards betterment of the industry and awareness of public through her articles and research papers. She is passionate to spread awareness and excel in her career and encourage others especially women to contribute in this field.
Haleema Zia was previously finalist of Cyber Woman of the Year Award and Women of Influence Award (EWF, USA) in 2021 for her work in the field of cybersecurity. She has recently won FAST AWARD (Contribution Category) by Women Cybersecurity Society, Canada.