Jennifer Smith

Everything Podcasts - Founder/CEO

Jennifer Smith has launched six startups, including EverythingPodcasts, where she is Founder/CEO. She’s assembled an award-winning, worldwide team of writers, creators, and strategists. Ms. Smith built EverythingPodcasts during the pandemic, which meant embracing digital technology for survival–and most importantly, to work collectively alongside her team. She heard concerns, inspired ideas, led when needed, and gave space for others to flourish and lead when appropriate. This allowed EverythingPodcasts to grow in a time when many were closing doors and stepping back. She created a successful brand producing state-of-the-art content, featuring compelling audio and engaging storytelling. Since 2019, EverythingPodcasts has grown by 145% and continues to grow. The company produces podcasts heard nationally and internationally, with clients including King’s College London, KPMG–a global company; and Curatio–a life sciences health and patient app, and social community, serving 110 countries in 20+ languages, including clients in Punjabi and Cantonese for G&F Financial.