Jill Lopez

Vet Candy - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jill Lopez is an amazing businesswoman, veterinarian, and mentor! She has manifested her vision for the veterinarian profession into two amazing companies, Vet Candy and Pet Candy. Each company serves veterinarians and pet owner communities, respectively, and provides everything veterinary medicine related. Her vision of veterinary medicine and all it has to offer is seen in her activities with Vet Candy and Pet Candy. As important, Dr. Lopez believes in highlighting and supporting the everyday veterinary professional to encourage these individuals' professional and personal growth. My story is a testimony to her compassion and mentorship of those desiring to help make the world a better place through veterinary medicine. She gave me a job as an intern with Vet Candy that opened my eyes and gave me experience in a veterinary medicine field that I had not ever explored. Overall, just talking with Dr. Lopez and watching her vision helps me believe that I, too, can live my dreams of becoming a veterinarian and showing others how wonderful the field of veterinary medicine is.