Katerina Biloruska

Parimatch Tech - Co-owner, Member of Supervisory Board

Katerina Biloruska is an example of a leader combining multiple strong qualities and leading not only with strategy and cold calculation but also with heart.

Parimatch Tech’s success as a business contributes to Parimatch Foundation’s development and reach. The Foundation’s activities allow the company to develop its values, and contribute to global economic and social well-being. This perfect synthesis exists and develops thanks to Katerina’s vision.

Last year has proved that uniting the long-term strategic planning, boldness, and passion can lead to greatness. This approach allowed Katerina as the Parimatch Tech co-owner to complete the transition toward making the company product-focused, expanding its development department to 1,000 IT specialists, and levelling up marketing expertise.

Katerina has also elevated the sustainability culture at Parimatch Tech to a new level, showcasing the importance of corporate social responsibility and humanitarian initiatives as core principles of doing business.

Why Katerina should win

Last year was one of the most significant for Parimatch Tech in its 28-year history. After the start of the company’s long-term technological transformation back in 2011, last July saw Parimatch Holding becoming Parimatch Tech. The move toward technological development as the core aspect helped the company embrace the new era. And Katerina Biloruska has been the vanguard, leading the company during this transition, assigning competent stream leaders, and overseeing the business strategy implementation.