Kimberly Broad

BroadStreet Real Estate Team - Realtor

“Go ahead, underestimate me, I dare you”. Words that ring through my mind when I think of Kimberly. She’s sweet, kind and inspiring . So genuine and admired. Everyone who knows Kimberly has nothing but kind words to say about her. Kimberly is a well established realtor in London Ontario who has built her own real estate team and mentorship program. She recently won the ambassadors award for mentorship as she takes on new agents and helps people grow and learn from her experiences. She is always available to motivate and inspire her mentees to further their growth and development. She is currently mentoring multiple young women and is a true inspiration in everything she does. After overcoming incredible obstacles both personal and in business from being a very young mom in challenging times to being treated poorly in business early on in her career; she never regrets, never doubts, and never dwells on her past misfortunes. She stays positive and true while focusing on the incredible future she is determined to create. She shares her many successes and failures to help guide those in similar situations and strives to create an inclusive environment for everyone she meets. Her dedication has helped me to understand myself better as a woman in business. Finding strength in an industry where women are not given the same respect as men is difficult but Kimberly helps women to find and develop that strength within themselves. When we as women are judged more than our male peers, she teaches us how to have a voice and has given me the ability to overcome my fear of failure. She has taught me how to stand up to those that underestimate me and to prove to myself that I am worthy. She is the most incredible woman I know and I would not be who I am today without her. There is no person I can think of whom is more worthy of the women of inspiration award.