Laibah Ahmed


Laibah is very driven, and inspiring, and has shown her heart by being a part of an NGO called the Parasol Cooperative, where he helped get their work and message out. An organization that works with domestic abuse in women and helps women step out of closeted situations where they are unsafe. She has also worked as an intern with Bridging the Gaps to theorize about making STEM education available for people who don't have access to it in person due to various circumstances. She also has strong leadership, responsibility, and project management. What has helped her led teams into two hackathons being a final in one, and won a moonshot challenge. She also has worked with IoT, to create IoT enabled sensors such as a humidity sensor, a soil moisture sensor, and soon a pulse sensor. Which now has her building a company that utilizes coral reefs to help the ocean get back to sinking up to 80% of all carbon emissions.