Lina Maach

Innostation - Founder & President

Lina is a 14-year-old entrepreneur, builder, innovator, AI, Blockchain, and BCI enthusiast. She is passionate about driving positive & meaningful change and loves meeting new people. She started her own non-profit, Innostation, a community that allows students to create a positive impact through innovation while addressing the scarcity of volunteering opportunities by creating meaningful initiatives for students to take part in.
Her approach? Building solutions to problems that she faced herself, creating what she wish she had, and inspiring others to do so too.
Outside of Innostation, she self-published two novels and started an e-commerce business. Showing how big her heart is: she currently is exploring innovative solutions for addiction using NIBS (Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation) and building out DeBias, an AI/ML powered app that identifies users' personal biases to help them be more aware and intentional about their interactions with others.
Besides STEM and entrepreneurship, she also enjoys playing sports - Tennis and badminton are her favorites at the moment, but she also enjoys going out on casual walks around my neighborhood, reading business books, and knitting.