Malia Baker

Actor and Activist

This Botswana-born, Canadian-raised girl has utilized every opportunity to dedicate her platform to speak up for social justice issues, with a particular focus on girls' and women's rights, since rising to fame through her role as Mary Anne Spier in Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club. At 13, Malia was named one of Seventeen magazine's Voices of the Year; at 14, one of Refinery29 Canada's Powerhouses; and at 15 in 2022, Malia became the youngest debater ever on Canada Reads.

Malia also co-founded the learning resource #hasthagsand; is a Champion for the UN initiative, GirlUp; has created fundraisers for organizations like Stop APPI Hate, She’s the First, Tears to Hope, and the Trevor Project, as well as spent countless hours creating conversations and inspiration through partnerships with the organizations Uniquely You, RAINN, Girls United, and more.

All of this while staying focused on her own mental health, school and acting career!