Marjorie Aunos

PhD., Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, Author.

Marjorie is a fierce advocate for parents with disabilities. She had been leading this work for years as a psychologist, when 10 years ago she became paraplegic herself. That has fuelled her to fully step into her power and become an even greater fighter, advocating and raising awareness in more ways than I can count.

Marjorie also inspires others with her vulnerability and strength through powerful storytelling, winning the 2022 Inspirational Speaker of the Year and now as a best-selling author of her book, Mom On Wheels, that will give people hope in their troubled times & inspiration to step into their power.

I recently heard Marjorie say that she is stronger because of her disability, NOT in spite of it. She is creating an incredible ripple effect in the world. Marjorie is unstoppable! And through it all, Marjorie remains one of the most humble people I know. A phenomenal human!