Marley Alles

rax - Founder

Marley is a 26 year old entrepreneur reshaping the fashion industry and pioneering the circular economy of fashion. Upon discovering the horrible reality of the fast fashion industry, one of the most harmful industries environmentally, ethically and socially, Marley set out to make a difference by empowering individuals to become their own entrepreneurs, sustainably. rax is Canada's first peer-to-peer clothing rental app (think Poshmark but for rentals). Driven by our community, lenders list out their closet to make money from borrowers who rent out clothes for a fraction of the cost of retail value. rax tremendously impacts the fashion industry, as if the average number of times a garment is worn were doubled, greenhouse gas emissions from textiles would be 44% lower and peer-to-peer clothing rental is 60% more efficient in relation to resource use than the production of new garments.