Molly Moon Neitzel

Molly Moon's home made icecream - CEO and Founder

Molly Moon created Molly Moon's Home made icecream she is the founder and CEO of Molly Moon's found in Bellevue Seattle University Village Redmond Columbia City and neighborhoods in King County or the Greater Seattle Area. She places an emphasis on hiring youth, girls, and black lives. She supports local non profits and sources locally. She has students who are 16 to 18 years of age working for her at a higher than average pay rate she has created exceptional dental vision and medical plans. She is involved with local politicians and non profits. She is a true pioneer in the world and in the industry for raising the living standard and cares about all her employees. She has future doctors and lawyers working for her for a seasonal ice cream job such as myself whom is someone who is going to law school after working as an RN for the past 8 years. $19 an hour minimum wage. She has given us opportunities to learn develop and grow.