Preet Sohi

employHER INc - CEO and Founder

I want to nominate Preet Sohi, founder and CEO of employHER, a professional video platform focused on bridging the diversity gap by giving a platform to the people who have long been underrepresented to find their dream jobs. We are committed to increasing the representation of women, BIPOC, and gender-diverse people in every industry.

Preet has been making a difference in business, philanthropy, and in her community. There are numerous testaments to her passion, genuine care, and drive to help women, gender diverse people, minorities, and disabled groups to be successful in the workplace, their own personal growth, and more.

Preet was a Director Of Community Outreach and a mentor at the Seattle Sikh Education Foundation. Habitat for Humanity International, United Way Worldwide, and Hopelink are among the organizations she has been a part of to help make a positive change in people’s lives. Her innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has made employHER what it is today. Congratulations to Preet! We have no doubt you will keep making moves that will have a lasting influence for years to come.