Shannon Byrne Susko

Metronomics - Founder & CEO

Shannon has more than 25 years of experience building and leading high-growth global technology companies. She co-founded, served as CEO, and led the sale of the two companies less than six years apart: Subserveo, Inc (Founded in 2008 * Sold 2011) and Paradata Systems Inc. (Founded in 1995 * Sold in 2006).
She now coaches CEOs and their leadership teams from around the world who want the same success using this strategic execution framework known as METRONOMICS.
In July 2014, Shannon wrote and released Amazon Best Selling – Entrepreneurship: “The Metronome Effect: The Journey to Predictable Profit”. Shannon released her second book in April 2018 – which was recognized and Amazon Best Seller – New Release: “3HAG WAY” and Shannon's latest book “Metronomics” released June 15, 2021 was #1 on Amazon in Canada, USA and Australia.
Shannon has a BComm, BSc, from Saint Mary’s University and MCSc. from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. She is married with three children and resides in beautiful Whistler, BC.

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