Shannon Smadella

Avanti Corporation & Insight Global - Chief Executive Officer

For the past 20 years, Shannon has researched, observed, coached and trained in excess of 5,000 individuals in sales, marketing, and business management. She speaks not just from theory but from experience. Shannon’s knowledge in the board room and training room lay the foundation for excellent quality seminars and speeches in various areas. Shannon doesn’t just provide the “feel good” motivational talk — she inspires her listeners to action. Her messages are filled with easy to implement strategies designed to positively shift the attitudes of her listeners. Her experience and expertise in business is extensive and includes corporate consulting, project management, strategy, recruitment, finance, training and fund development. As a keynote motivational speaker and Emcee, she has hosted numerous events on and off camera, interviewing celebrities, politicians, and athletes among others and has appeared on various networks such as TSN, CTV, KTLA, MTV just to name a few.