Sheryl Thompson

Sheryl Thompson Counselling and Consulting - Registered Psychotherapist

Sheryl is a Black woman who wears many hats, using her many skills to support the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. As an educator she teaches across disciplines such as social work, community development, emergency and fire services, and other human services to advocate for change within the entire system. As a social worker she counsels and supports those living with mental health challenges, depression, anxiety, and other health disparities. While being a Black woman she also advocates for other communities such as being a member of the American Indian Mothers Inc. which she serves on the multicultural committee. Sheryl also uses her positions in education to conduct research for marginalized communities and is currently a co lead currently regarding mental health and first responder response with an aim to develop a community based response. Sheryl has also been instrumental in making connections in the USA to highlight the shared oppression of BIPOC communities internationally.